Will be able to shop in e-commerce with cryptocurrency soon, Amazon begins preparations.

shop in e-commerce with cryptocurrency soon
Shop in e-commerce with cryptocurrency soon

You will soon be able to shop with cryptocurrencies on e-commerce websites. Amazon is preparing to launch it on its platform. It is believed that after Amazon, other e-commerce companies can also start taking payments through cryptocurrencies. Information about payments through cryptocurrencies has been found from Amazon’s recent job listing. Amazon is recruiting digital currency and blockchain experts for its payments team. Blockchain-based digital currency or cryptocurrency is considered a secure payment method.

Company looking for an experienced leader

Amazon’s Payments Acceptance and Experience team is looking for experienced leaders to develop digital currency and blockchain strategies and product roadmaps. Leverage expertise in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Central Bank Digital Currency, and Cryptocurrencies to develop these capabilities, the company said in one of its posts. The product lead will work closely with multiple teams, including Amazon Web Services. This will enable the customer experience, technology strategy, and capabilities as well as the roadmap to launch.

Apple is also preparing

Tech giant Apple has also posted a similar job listing for Business Development Manager in May, which will have to work with alternative payment providers like Digital Wallet, BNPL, Fast Payments, Cryptocurrency, and etc. It is being speculated that the world’s big companies are working on the possibility of taking payments through cryptocurrencies in the near future. If successful in this, she can start the transaction from it.

Tesla and Twitter too optimistic

Tesla and Twitter are also optimistic about cryptocurrencies as a payment mode of the future. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the online world needs a global currency, and our focus is on bitcoin because with this cryptocurrency everyone on earth can be reached. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also confirmed that the company may resume payments in bitcoin once due diligence is completed on improving the energy mix used for mining the cryptocurrency.

RBI will bring digital currency

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has talked about bringing digital currency to India. According to RBI Deputy Governor T Ravi Shankar, the central bank is working on a strategy to introduce its own digital currency in a phased manner. According to the plan, RBI is preparing to introduce digital currency in the wholesale and retail sectors on a pilot basis.

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